Aviation Occurrence Statistics

Reportable Aircraft Occurrence


Reportable accidents and incidents are reported in accordance with the AAIA's regulations for mandatory reporting of occurrences.

Breakdowns may not add up to totals. For example, in the total "Number of accidents by aircraft type", when an occurrence involves an airplane and a helicopter, the occurrence is counted in each category, but only once in the total.
*Only "Number of aircraft involved in accidents" are aircraft counts, all other data are accident counts.
     a. The commercial service type is not available for foreign-registered aircraft.
     b. Other: contains, but is not limited to, organizations that rent aircraft (i.e., flying schools, flying clubs, etc.).
     c. Includes balloons, gyroplanes, gliders, dirigibles, hang gliders, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and similar aircraft types.


New AAIA regulations came into effect in July 2016, changing some reporting requirements.
**Under new reporting requirements aviation incidents include: a) aircraft having a maximum certificated take-off weight greater than 2 250 kg (formerly 5700 kg); b) aircraft being operated under an air operator certificate issued under CAGR Schedule 12.


Reports are updated in January and July of each year covering any changes during the preceding months.