Aviation Occurrence Database

This database allows you to search for accidents and incidents that have been reported to the AAIA since 1 January 2001. Many investigations listed here have not been fully investigated resulting in a full final report. Some have been concluded with the issuance of a short accident investigation bulletin. Others fully investigated resulting in a comprehensive final report are accessible and downloadable.


New reported occurrences are added regularly to ensure the database is up to date. However, depending on the workload and volume of reports, it may take approximately one month to verify and include new occurrences.

AAIA data is collected through the mandatory occurrence reporting requirements of the Civil Aviation Act 2016 and associated Accident Incident Investigation Regulations from the aviation industry. It is provided publicly as a result of the cooperative efforts between the AAIA and the aviation industry as a whole. Not all notifications reported to the AAIA are classified as incidents, serious incidents or accidents. Those that are deemed to not be a transport safety matter are classified as ‘events.’ Events are not included in this database.

Notifications that do not relate to aircraft safety are coded as events (such as cabin injuries not related to the operation of the aircraft, and airport infrastructure, navigation aids and air traffic control facilities failures that do not directly involve an aircraft). In addition, the following types of notifications when they occur without any other occurrence type are generally coded as events:

  • consequential events (diversion / return, fuel dump / burn off, missed approach / go-around)

  • operational non-compliance with air traffic control verbal or published instruction

  • airspace infringement

  • breakdown of co-ordination between air navigation service providers.



To help define what the AAIA investigates, the terminology for the following category of occurrences is listed.

 Accident: an occurrence involving an aircraft where:

  • a person dies or suffers serious injury

  • the aircraft is destroyed, seriously damaged or missing

  • any property is destroyed or seriously damaged

Serious incident: an incident involving circumstances indicating that an accident nearly occurred (ICAO Annex 13).


The following terms/categories are commonly used to identify the causes of accidents and incidents throughout this database and has the following meanings:

ARC: Abnormal runway contact

BIRD: Birdstrike

CFIT: Controlled flight into or toward terrain

CTOL: Collision with obstacles during take-off or landing whilst airborne

FUEL: Fuel related

GCOL: Ground collision

LOC –G: Loss of control - ground

LOC-I: Loss of control in-flight

MAC: AIRPROX/loss of separation/near miss/midair collision

RAMP: Ground Handling

RE: Runway excursion

RI-A: Runway incursion - animal

RI-VAP: Runway incursion - vehicle, aircraft or person

SCF-NP: System/component failure or malfunction (non-powerplant)

SCF-PP: Power plant failure or malfunction

UNIMC: Unintended flight in IMC

UNK: Unknown or undetermined

Accident Reports are one of the main products of an AAIA investigation. Reports provide details about the accident, analysis of the factual data, conclusions and the probable cause of the accident, and the related safety recommendations. Most reports focus on a single accident, though the AAIA also produces reports addressing issues common to a set of similar accidents. Reports included in this database can be accessed by clicking on the Registration number of the report.

Reports in this database are arranged from the current year back to 2001 when reports were made available. They are separated based on Accidents / Serious Incidents and Incidents and Occurrences. If insufficient information were gathered to complete a comprehensive report, the event may be listed, however no attached report will be accessible. The report will be included for statistical purposes only.

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