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Reportable Occurrence -

Commercial Air Transport

Below you can find for each of the professional groups in aviation, information related to which occurrence are to be reported. By clicking on the picture itself will open and provide you with more information on what is to be reported.

            Pilots                          Maintenance           




         ATC / FISO               Ground Handling               






See list of Frequently asked questions relative to VOLCON

How can I make a VOLCON report?

​Any of the following methods can be used to make or send a confidential report to the AAIA.

  • Use the Voluntary Safety Report attached here or;

  • Mail;                                                                                

Aircraft Accident Investigation Authority            Unit A1.120 Domestic Terminal

Lynden Pindling Int'l Airport                              

P. O. Box CB-11702 

Nassau, N. P., Bahamas

  • Fax the completed form to (242) 327-2192  or

  • Call the 24 hr. Hotline: (242) 376-1617 or (242) 376-8334 or

  • Email: 

  • Confidential report can also be sent by filling out the message box provided here

Thanks! Message sent.

The Aircraft Accident Investigation Authority of the Bahamas (AAIA) administers a program voluntary confidential reporting system called VOLCON that enables the user to report, in confidence, concerns they may have about safety in aviation. The sole objective of occurrence reporting is the prevention of accidents and incidents through the collection and dissemination of relevant safety information and not to attribute blame or liability.

Protection of the reporter's identity and any individual referred to in the report is a primary element of the scheme.

VOLCON Reporting is established under Section 13, 14, 15, of the AAAIA Act 2019 and Subpart J of the AAIA Regulations 2021, and allows any person who has an aviation safety concern to report it to the AAIA confidentially without fear of retribution.


In accordance with Regulations 1.465(d), a report made to the Authority under a voluntary reporting system shall not be used against the person who made the report in any disciplinary, civil, administrative, and/or criminal proceedings.


The key objective of the VOLCON is to enhance aviation safety through the collection of reports on actual or potential safety deficiencies that would otherwise not be reported through other channels. Such reports may involve occurrences, hazards, or threats relevant to aviation safety. This system does not eliminate the need for mandatory reporting of aircraft accidents and incidents to the relevant authorities under the existing aviation regulations.


Reporters are encouraged to make use of their organization’s internal voluntary reporting system, where applicable unless they have no access to such a system or the incident or hazard is deemed beyond the scope of their organization’s purview.


The VOLCON Reporting System is a voluntary, non-punitive, confidential reporting system established by the AAIA. It provides a channel for the voluntary reporting of aviation occurrences or hazards while protecting the reporter's identity.


Personal information will not be disclosed unless the individual concerned grants permission. Only de-identified information will be used for safety action.

Scope of the Aviation Sectors / Areas

covered by the System

The VOLCON Reporting System covers areas such as:

  • Flight operations:

  • Departure/en route/approach and landing;

  • Aircraft cabin operations;

  • Air proximity events;

  • Weight and balance and performance.

  • Aerodrome operations:

  • Aircraft ground operations;

  • Movement on the aerodrome;

  • Fueling operations;

  • Aerodrome conditions or services;

  • Cargo loading.

  • Air traffic management:

  • ATC operations;

  • ATC equipment and navigation aids;

  • Crew and ATC communications

  • Aircraft maintenance:

  • Aircraft/engine/component maintenance and repair activities.

  • Design and manufacturing:

  • Aircraft/engines/components design or production activities.

  • Approved training organizations:

  • Training activities involving flight operations.

  • Miscellaneous:

  • Passenger handling operations related to safety; etc.

Voluntary Confidential Reporting - VOLCON
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