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Safety Recommendations

The Aircraft Accident Investigation Authority (AAIA) is responsible for advancing transportation safety in the aviation sector. The AAIA conducts independent safety investigations and communicates identified risks in the aviation system to those persons or organizations best able to effect change to convince them to take remedial action to eliminate or reduce safety deficiencies. It is not the function of the AAIA to assign fault or determine civil or criminal liability. 

Under the Aircraft Accident Investigation Authority Act, the regulatory authority and any entity that a recommendation is addressed must formally respond to AAIA recommendations and explain how they have addressed or will address the safety deficiencies. The AAIA evaluates the responses and their overall effectiveness, assessing them as Fully Satisfactory, Satisfactory Intent, Satisfactory in Part or Unsatisfactory, and assigning them a status of Active, Dormant, or Closed. Progress made to address AAIA recommendations is assessed by the Chief Investigator of Air Accidents on an ongoing basis. Responses to recommendations assessed to be Fully Satisfactory are assigned Closed status.

Safety recommendations are issued by the AAIA following the investigation of aviation accidents and the completion of safety studies. Recommendations usually address a specific issue uncovered during an investigation or study and specify how to correct the situation. Letters containing the recommendations are sent to the organization best able to address the safety issue, whether it is public or private.

The AAIA has various ways of communicating safety deficiencies.

  • The Watch-list

  • Recommendations

  • Safety concerns

  • Safety advisory letters

  • Safety information letters

The recommendations below were sent to the following aviation organizations;

  • AA              Airport Authority                                                                        MOTA   Ministry of Tourism & Aviation

  • BANSD    Bahamas Air Navigation Services Division                            MNS      Ministry of National Security

  • BCAA       Bahamas Civil Aviation Authority

  • FIAD        Family Island Airport Division (Airport Authority)

Logo - AAIA PNG.png

VOLCON # SI20-000266      MYIG

Safety Rec #      Status            Recipient                 

SR20-000266         Closed                FIAD/AA



Accident # OCC-2023/0002      MYES

Safety Rec#    Status                    Recipient

SR2023-01            Open                         Airport Authority

Accident # OCC-2022/0031    C6-OFM

Safety Rec#     Status                        Recipient

SR2022-002          Open-await response         Airport Authority

VOLCON # SI20-000273      MYEB

Safety Rec #     Status            Recipient                 

SR20-00010           Closed               FIAD/AA


Accident # A18-000025       C6-KID & C6-JEF

Safety Rec #      Status            Recipient                 

SR19-0001              Closed               BCAA

SR19-0002              Closed               BCAA

SR19-0003              Closed               BCAA

SR19-0004              Closed               BANSD

SR19-0005              Closed               BANSD

SR19-0006              Closed               BANSD

SR19-0007              Closed               BANSD

SR19-0008              Closed               BANSD

SR19-0009              Closed               BANSD

SR19-0010              Closed               BANSD

VOLCON # SI20-000267      MYLD

Safety Rec #      Status            Recipient                 

SR20-00003            Closed             FIAD/AA

VOLCON # SI19-000042      MYAM

Safety Rec #      Status            Recipient                 

SR20-00017            Closed                BANSD

SR20-00018            Closed                FIAD/AA

VOLCON # SI19-00011/12    MYRP

Safety Rec #      Status            Recipient                 

SR19-00011            Closed               BCAA

SR19-0012              Closed               FIAD/AA

Accident # A19-000017        C6-IRM

Safety Rec #      Status            Recipient                 

SR19-0013              Closed               FIAD

SR19-0015              Closed               BCAA

Accident # A19-000016        C6-TIM

Safety Rec #      Status            Recipient                 

SR19-0014              Closed               BCAA

SR19-0016              Closed               Odyssey 


Accident #    A18-00003        N222AH

Safety Rec #      Status            Recipient                 

SR18-0004              Closed                BCAA

SR18-0007              Closed                BCAA

SR18-0008              Closed                BCAA

SR18-0009              Closed                BCAA

Accident # A18-000004        N62769

Safety Rec #      Status            Recipient                 

SR18-006                Closed               BCAA

SR18-007                Closed               BCAA

SR18-008                Closed               BCAA

SR18-009                Closed               BCAA

SR18-010                Closed               BCAA

SR18-011                Closed               BCAA

SR18-012                Closed               BCAA

Logo - AAIA PNG.png


Accident # A18-000002        C6-MIC

Safety Rec #      Status            Recipient                 

SR18-001                 Reissued as SR18-004

SR18-002                 Reissued as SR18-005

SR18-003                 Reissued as SR18-017

SR18-004                 Closed              BCAA

SR18-005                 Closed              BCAA

SR18-013                 Closed              AA

SR18-014                 Closed              AA

SR18-015                 Closed              AA

SR18-016                 Closed              BCAA

SR18-017                 Closed              BCAA

SR18-018                 Closed              BCAA

SR18-019                 Closed              BCAA

SR18-020                 Closed              BCAA

SR18-021                 Closed              BCAA/SOD

SR18-022                 Closed              BCAA/SOD

SR18-023                 Closed              BCAA/AvSec

SR18-024                 Closed              BCAA/AvSec

SR18-025                 Closed              BANSA

SR18-026                 Closed              BANSA

SR18-027                 Closed              Airport Authority

SR18-028                 Closed              Airport Authority

SR18-029                 Closed              Pineapple Air

SR18-041                 Closed              Pineapple Air

SR18-042                 Closed              BANSA

SR18-043                 Closed              BANSA

SR18-044                 Closed             Airport Authority

SR18-045                 Closed             BCAA/Avsec

SR18-046                 Closed             BCAA/SOD

SR18-047                 Closed             BCAA/SOD

SR18-048                 Closed             BCAA/SOD

Accident # A18-00009           N421MM

Safety Rec #        Status            Recipient                 

SR18-00030              Closed              CAAB

SR18-00031              Closed              CAAB

SR18-00035              Closed              Airport Authority

SR18-00036              Closed              Airport Authority

SR18-00037              Closed              Airport Authority

SR18-00038              Closed              Airport Authority

SR18-00039              Closed              Airport Authority

SR18-00040              Closed              Tourism & Aviation


Accident #    A15-004690        N44NA

Safety Rec #        Status            Recipient                 

SR15-001                  Closed               BCAA

SR15-002                  Closed               BCAA

SR15-003                  Closed               BCAA

SR15-004                  Closed               BCAA

SR15-005                  Closed               BCAA


VOLCON       SI16-000001      MYLD

Safety Rec #         Status           Recipient                 

SR16-00001              Closed               BCAA


Accident #      A16-000010      N376SA

Safety Rec #         Status           Recipient                 

SR16-00177              Closed               BCAA


Accident #    A17-00602        C6-HBW

Safety Rec #        Status            Recipient                 

SR17-001                  Closed               BCAA

SR17-002                  Closed               BCAA

SR17-003                  Closed               BCAA

SR17-004                  Closed               BCAA

Accident # A18-000027         N8383C

Safety Rec #         Status            Recipient                 

SR18-00051              Closed               National Security

SR18-00052              Closed               Tourism & Aviation

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