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October 24 2020 - Bahamas Aircraft Accident Investigation Authority currently investigating the runway excursion involving Envoy/America flt 4194 Miami to Freeport, Grand Bahama. Upon landing the aircraft veered off the runway to the right. passengers were evacuated, minor injuries reported.

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5 March 2021 - Reports of an accident involving a  Piper PA28 aircraft with United States registration N2932Y with two persons on board. Aircraft departed Nassau, Bahamas en route to Great Inagua, Bahamas and crashed near Salina Point, Acklins.



The following Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) were executed or currently under review with organizations in the Bahamas in accordance with international conventions and Bahamas Legislation for assistance and coordination between the AAIA and respective organizations in the investigation of aviation accidents and incidents in the Bahamas.


The principal objective of the FlyyTec Ltd. service is to provide aerial imaging (drone) services in the event of an accident where the evidence in the debris field is vast or an accident occurs in an area not safe for investigators to access without destroying or disturbing potential evidence or investigator safety may be compromised.

MoU signed March 2, 2020

Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Services (ARFF)

The principal objective of the ARFF service is to save lives in the event of an aircraft accident or incident occurring at, or in the immediate vicinity of, an airport. The ARFF service is provided to create and maintain survivable conditions, to provide egress routes for occupants and to initiate the rescue of those occupants unable to make their escape without direct aid.

MoU Signed on March 3, 2020

Royal Bahamas Defense Force

This MoU defines the procedural arrangements for cooperation and assistance between the parties pursuant to Annex 13 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation (Chicago Convention).  It is understood that the services of the RBDF is usually required when accidents or incidents occur in the territorial waters of The Bahamas.

MoU executed October 30, 2020

Coroner - Attorney General Office

The MoU provides a framework within which AAIA and Coroners can carry out their roles and discharge their responsibilities in co-operation with one another, to minimize duplication and promote the wider public interest of holding effective inquests into deaths arising from accidents without prejudicing ongoing parallel investigations.

MoU executed September 17, 2020

MOUs still under review:

  • Bahamas Customs

  • Royal Bahamas Police Force

  • Bahamas Air Navigation Services Authority

Nassau Airport Development Company (NAD)

This MoU outlines the understanding of the AAIA and NAD concerning cooperation and assistance in the areas of civil aircraft accident, serious incident investigations and emergency preparedness and response at Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA).

MoU executed January 26, 2021

Civil Aviation Authority Bahamas (CAA-B)

This MoU outlines the understanding of the AAIA and the CAAB concerning cooperation and assistance in the use of personnel during the conduct of an investigation.

MoU executed May 19, 2021