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26th August, 2020 - Piper Cherokee aircraft, Bahamas registration C6-TOY, ditched in waters 5 miles off Leisure Lee, Abaco Bahamas. Pilot reported loss of engine power and decided to land in nearby swamp. The pilot and 4 passengers were able to escape the aircraft after the controlled ditching.  No injuries were reported.  Investigation continues.


21 March, 2020 - Reports of Piper Aztec aircraft, United States registration N14178, ditching in waters off Lower Bogue, North Eleuthera, Bahamas. Pilot reported fire in the engine and decided to land in waters near the shore of North Eleuthera. the pilot and 2 passengers were able to escape the aircraft after the controlled ditching.  No injuries were reported. 

The following Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) were executed or currently under review with organizations in the Bahamas in accordance with international conventions and Bahamas Aircraft Accident Investigation Legislation for assistance and coordination between the AAIA and respective organizations in the investigation of aviation accidents and incidents in the Bahamas.

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Memorandum of Understanding currently under review with other organizations includes;

  • Bahamas Civil Aviation Authority

  • Royal Bahamas Defense Force

  • Royal Bahamas Police Force

  • Bahamas Customs Department

  • Coroner - Attorney General Office

  • Nassau Airport Development Company


The principal objective of the FlyyTec Ltd. service is to provide aerial imaging services. This area includes the islands of the Bahamas, with the central deployment location being from Nassau. The service is required in the event of a major accident or an accident where the evidence contained in the debris field is vast or an accident is in an area not safe for investigators to access without destroying or disturbing potential evidence.

MoU signed with FLYYTEC Ltd. on March 2, 2020

Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Services (ARFF)

The principal objective of the ARFF service is to save lives in the event of an aircraft accident or incident occurring at, or in the immediate vicinity of, an airport. The ARFF service is provided to create and maintain survivable conditions, to provide egress routes for occupants and to initiate the rescue of those occupants unable to make their escape without direct aid.

MoU Signed with the Airport Authority and ARFF on March 3, 2020.

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