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ICAO AIG Audit Update

During the period December 6 - 10, 2021 the Bahamas Aircraft Accident Investigation Authority (AAIA) was the focus of an audit by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) for compliance with the Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPS) of the Annexes to the Convention for Civil Aviation, Accident Investigation Group (AIG). The AAIA, due to its establishment of the authority and creation of legislation, regulations, guidance materials, procedures and processes and retention of qualified personnel found lacking during the 2017 audit, compliance scores increased from that obtained in 2017 of 13.59% to the 2021 scores of 90.20%.

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AAIA Aviation Occurrence Analysis 2016-2021

The AAIA's release of the first Occurrence Analysis Report covering multiyear analysis aims to bring aviation occurrence data to the consciousness of the industry by providing up-to-date, near real-time accident/incident analysis. As the majority of accident and incident covered in this report relates to general aviation commercial and non-commercial fixed-wing aircraft activities, focus and analysis were placed primarily on those 2 sectors. Commercial Airline occurrences, although documented, were not analyzed in-depth, due to their low numbers.

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AAIA Safety Cube  Investigation Management Database

The latest investigative tool utilized by the AAIA is the integrated Safety Cube Aviation Risk & Compliance Management software solution which provides a practical answer to the latest risk management requirements and leverages data to support safety strategy. 

The captured safety & compliance data is used to identify opportunities for reaching operational excellence, support decision making, and enhance safety.  The software also identifies and tracks weaknesses and gaps in the management system and operational processes.


Occurrence Under Investigation

17th February 2024 - The Aircraft Accident Investigation Authority (AAIA) is currently investigating an occurrence that took place at the Lynden Pindling International Airport (MYNN), Nassau, Bahamas involving a Cessna 402C aircraft with Bahamas registration C6-JTJ. 

Reports received indicate that during takeoff, the pilot in command, who was the sole person on board, observed a left engine failure and subsequently the aircraft impacted the airport perimeter fencing near the approach end of Runway 32 before coming to rest in bushes nearby. There was a post impact fire that destroyed the aircraft. The pilot was able to exit the aircraft before it became engulfed in flames with no serious injuries reported. 


Occurrence under investigation

10th September 2023At approximately 4:28 pm local (2028 UTC), a Piper PA-32-301 aircraft with United States registration N106MR was involved in an occurrence while enroute to the Leonard Thompson International Airport (MYAM), Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas with five (5) persons on board.

 It was reported by the pilot in command of the aircraft that the flight was uneventful up and until approaching MYAM. It was during that time, the pilot observed a loss of engine power while still in excess of 5 nautical miles from MYAM and subsequently determined that the aircraft would not make the airfield which led him to execute an emergency landing in bushes approximately 4.97 nautical miles south of MYAM.

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Occurrence under investigation

June 9 2023 - The Aircraft Accident Investigation Authority (AAIA) is currently investigating the occurrence involving a Piper PA32R aircraft with United States registration N9253M that did not arrive to its intended destination of Stella Maris Airport (MYLS), Long Island, Bahamas. Contact was lost with Air Traffic Control while enroute.

The United States Coast Guard along with the Royal Bahamas Defense Force and Royal Bahamas Police Force coordinated efforts in search and rescue for the aircraft. Both the pilot and the aircraft remain missing.

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